This website partially complies with the requirements of Annex A of the UNI EN 301549: 2018 (WCAG 2.1) standard.
We are committed, as Federico II University, to making this website as accessible as possible.


Declaration of accessibility (pending)
• Feedback mechanism: any reports relating to compliance with accessibility requirements can be made by sending an email to


In writing the HTML code, particular attention was paid to the hierarchy of the headings and the logical succession of the links present on each page. The site does not use HTML pagination techniques on frames (or frameset) or on tables (tag table) in order to obtain specifications displayed in the form of columns. The HTML tags relating to the display of tabular data are used only and exclusively for the specific purpose for which they were designed. During the tabular data phase, markers and attributes were used for display to describe the contents and define the row and column headings.
Generally images and non-textual objects that convey useful information are accompanied by valid textual alternatives based on the specific logic in the context of use.


There are no information elements conveyed solely and exclusively through color choices or images. For example, indications such as: "link above", "click the link below", "click the red link" have been avoided.
Both the layout and the contents do not include animated images or animations that are not strictly necessary and in any case never accompanied by elements with intermittent visibility. In general, particular attention has been paid to the text / background contrast, avoiding contrasts that tire or make reading impossible.


A comprehensive verification through the EXPERTE ACCESSIBILITY CHECK testifies to the use of specific CSS that cover the formatting needs also in relation to the contents of the internal pages so as to avoid introducing CSS in line (directly in the content). These CSS can be deactivated mosto of the time, leaving the possibility of using the content regardless of the presentation mode.
The entire site can be navigated with images and style sheets disabled both through the appropriate browser configuration.The liquid layout of the contents of the site allows them to be used in any situation of resizing of the browser window. 


Likewise, enlargements and reductions of the visibility area due to the use of specific devices, does not affect the ability to consult the contents.A sample check confirms that the data entry or information search forms (form) explicitly associate labels with the respective controls, positioning them so that it is easier for those who use assistive technologies to fill in the fields.All hypertext links make the destination explicit with meaningful texts even if read regardless of their context. This facilitates the reading of the page through assistive technologies that allow easy navigation for users who prefer to consult first of all the links on the page.