List of the 8 running Projects

CRESCENDO Doctoral Programme has recruited 10 international Early-Stage Researchers (ESRs-PhDs) applying for one of the 12 projects listed below. All ESRs started their PhD in January 2023.
Research project title
Name of the Researcher/ESR
Research focus
Project dissemination material
To study the relation between individual changes in postprandial glucose response and markers of habitual diet, microbiome composition/functions, gastric emptying rate, and postprandial gastrointestinal hormones in patients with type 1 diabetes
Human Microbiome
To study the role of microbiome in affecting the anti-tumor response elicited by oncolytic vaccines
Human Microbiome
To investigate the mechanism of action of natural neuropeptides on the gut microbiome to help the development of novel synthetic peptides for microbiome modulation
Microbiome/ Metabolome interface
To investigate the microbiome of wild boar as a model species to unveil the emergence, spread and persistence of Antimicrobial resistance (at the “One Heath” interface)

Animal Microbiome

To investigate the microbiome of shallow-water hydrothermal vents and explore its role in biogeochemical cycling and as source of industrially relevant microbial enzymes

Environmental Microbiome

To clarify the role of diet and gut microbiome composition as risk factors in the pathophysiology of Parkinson’s disease in relation to behavioral and mechanistic alterations leading to neuronal loss upon high fat western diet consumption

Nutrition and Microbiome

Mapping the microbiome in meat food chain, from primary production to retail, understanding how microbiome of the environment affects shelf-life, quality and safety and how processing conditions may modulate microbial spoilage dynamics.

Food Microbiome

To study interactions of different bacterial populations with different food matrices. A microfluidic mixer will allow to fabricate fine-scale micro-biogeographies by exploiting chaotic advection.

Microfluidics for Microbiome