TFM and related Doctoral Schools

Information about UNINA, TFM

and the related doctoral schools

Established in 1224, the University of Naples Federico II (UNINA) is the oldest public University of the western world. It is one of the largest general research universities in Europe with more than 2,500 academic staff and about 80,000 students, of which half are postgraduates. UNINA has a vast experience in managing EU- and national-funded projects. We have received about 100 EU grants in the last 5 years, 20% of which as coordinator. In particular, 34 projects are from MSCA and 12 ERC calls, UNINA is also recipient of over 500 grants from national and regional bodies and the above figures exclude contracts with private companies.

The research of the young recruited researchers/PhDs will be carried out in at least 8 different Departments of the Task Force on Microbiome Studies (TFM), spanning from soil/plant/food/human microbiome  to chemistry, engineering and social sciences,  all fully equipped with human resources, administrative, research, technical and academic staff that will be of essential support for the life of the recruited PhDs during their career development as Microbiome scientists.

Information on the programme main applicant, the Task Force on Microbiome Studies and related departments are available at the following links:

University of Naples Federico II (UNINA)
Task Force on Microbiome Studies (TFM)